Sunday, April 22, 2007

Turns Out I Just Needed to Blow Up a Lot of Stuff

Think I've improved my mood pretty well by playing a lot of Armored Core 4 online. Looks like I'm getting better, focusing on my sniper AC, Aria. Aria's equipped with dual sniper rifles and for back weapons, dual high-act missiles (slow but very maneuverable missiles) that I whip out at close range. Also comes in handy for the few team games I play: It's easier to hit an opponent who's focused on your teammate, and not quite so attention-getting. When my teammate's in trouble, though, I can use the showy, rapid-fire missiles to form a distraction.

...And now that I've given away my primary AC's secrets, I'll have to consider reconfiguring it.

Also had some fun laser blade battles with Waltz... even though I got cleaved in half a lot. Well, actually every time except for once or twice. It's playing against type.

Taught some newbies the value of cover with Overture, my tank-missileboat.

Still need to figure out what to do with Bicinium, my mission-oriented rifle/missile AC. It may have been good against swarms of MTs, Normals, and the occasional lumbering behemoth, but against something piloted by a human, I couldn't accomplish much.

Also need to figure out something to do with Rondo, my heavyweight. Only used it in one mission, when I needed the thick armor. Haven't seen all that many successful heavyweight pilots online to emulate.

Anyway, stuff I'd like to see in the comments: What are some giant robot archetypes I should try out? Don't think you need too much knowledge to to pair a weapon type and weight class. Weapon types available: Rifles (Bicinium), sniper rifles (Aria), machine guns, shotguns, handguns (suuuuuck!), laser rifles/cannons, plasma cannons, pulse rifles (suuuuuck! Well, at least for me, so far), missiles (Overture), grenade launchers (Rondo), bazookas (Rondo, again), Kojima Particle weapons (KPs are ecologically nasty things, since Earth Day's over), laser blades (Waltz), and rockets.

It'd also be nice if you could continue my naming scheme in some way with the concepts.

Of course I don't expect much, since I don't think you're as deep into oversized, impractical weapons that defy at least 2 out of 3 laws of motion as I am. You'll wish you had the relevant skills, eventually, though. Those of you with a PS3 can add me to your friends list, though. My PSN ID is BronzeDog, of course.


Joshua said...

As a Metal Gear fan, I say go with the Kojima weapons. ;)

Bronze Dog said...

Heh. Okay, I'll try making one. Any suggestions for a name? (Added a link to a wiki category entry I thought was useful.)

Ryan Michael said...

I think it was Professor Plum in the Hallway with the Candlestick.

/got nuthin'

xiangtao said...

This is somewhat off topic, although it does happen to be about games. I was just wondering about the status of skeptiplomacy. Has that idea fallen by the wayside or is it still being worked on? If it still is going to be a go, I may have to drop out as I will be away from any sort of computer for about two months starting shortly.

Bronze Dog said...

It's still on standby. Haven't gotten any spontaneous updates. Think I may send an email to Brendan and baldywilson later, to see what's going on with them.