Friday, September 28, 2007

70th Skeptics' Circle

Well, it seems we've been found out at The Conspiracy Factory, so I guess we should come clean. Those little plastic things at the ends of your shoelaces: They're called aglets. Their true purpose is sinister.

Open thread as usual, except telling them about what the lightbulbs in fridges REALLY do when they close the door is FORBIDDEN!


Anonymous said...

When you close the fridge door, the light bulbs turn out. Really. (Oops. Did I just get myself banned for that?)

Tom Foss said...

Nope, the lightbulbs throw a party. They don't let the baking soda attend, though. That's why it's so bitter.

Anonymous said...

Please see this post by Deepak Chopra on Spoon Bending Science

"My last message to Skeptisch"
Oct 3


& his offer to a skeptic(Skeptisch) who posts comments at Deepak Chopra's blogs:

Dear Skeptisch, please come to NY at your own expense and I will make sure you can experience spoon bending for yourself. If you can't, or don't want to do that, then stop talking over and over again about the same thing. It’s boring.

Here's the comment by Skeptisch:

Deepak, there is an easier way to make believers out of us skeptics. Next time you are on “Larry King”, just put a spoon on Larry’s desk and bend it with your mind and without touching it. If successful, you will shut up most of us skeptics.

Another alternative would be you taking up the James Randi Educational Foundation’s paranormal challenge and earn a million dollars in the process.

This challenge is open to anybody:

10. Posted by Skeptisch

Other interesting comments:

Regarding Chopra's offer to Skeptisch to come to NY and witness spoon bending for himself, I encourage him to take up on the offer.

Chopra will prove he's all talk by backing out somehow, especially if Skep invites James Randi and a camera crew along to the demonstation.

The offer was made under the condition it was at Skep's own cost to ensure he wouldn't come. I say call his bluff Skep... in fact, I'll join you at my own expense and cover yours.

I'm entirely serious.

19. Posted by Son_of_Skeptisch

Dear Skeptisch,

Please take this challenge. I dare Deepak Chopra to take your challenge. Do not worry about the travel costs to New York. I will support you. Please let me know the date of the event. I will be there.

I will see that all the major TV networks from all over the world are there to record the event and once for all prove/disprove his hypocrisy and charlatanism. It would be interesting to invite American Physical Society and Randi et al for the event.

I am serious. And if Deepak is serious and not all BS, he should respond to you here in his own safe territory of Intentblog. He should go to Larry King show to bend spoons. He should face Randi to earn a million dollars. I will bring my spoons and ladles too for him to work on!

24. Posted by Friend_of_Skeptisch

This sure has a potential for something big!

Bronze Dog said...