Sunday, September 30, 2007

Funny Searches: September 2007

Starting a bit earlier, and considering lowering some standards.

sylvia brown on star sights: She's got nuthin'. Try asking Phil.

The Replacement Theory/ Christian: Replace "God" with "Flying Spaghetti Monster." Silliness does not significantly increase.

brass pendulam for astrology: Dowsing for Mercury in retrograde?

king id has taken over the planet: And that's why we have to form a rough-and-tumble team of evolutionists to save the world.

measurements of the earth is flat movie: I hope it's not very long. It'd probably involve a lot of repetition.

how many atoms are in bronze?: How big a chunk you got?

how scientists from their theories now: Dude, wait, whut?


Thursday said...

That last one is simply an incomplete sentence. It should read:

how scientists from their theories now emerge into the light; like butterflies from cocoons, reveling in their arrogant, delicate beauty.

Dude! You got poets searching you blog!

Bronze Dog said...

Ah. That makes it cool.