Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Slimer! and the Real Pointless Fun

Well, it's been a while since I've done a straight one of these.

The big item in this is a website Nodwick introduced me to a while back: The Independent Gaming Source. It covers a lot of games made by individuals and small companies. The really great thing is that a lot of them are free. The favorite thing I've seen there: A big list of 50 indie games.

I like Cave Story, Warning Forever, and Samorost. Be sure and tell me if you find a favorite or two on the list.

Anyway, here's some YouTube stuff: The guy who does "I'm a Marvel, and I'm a DC"

And since it's Speak Like a Pirate day, I should post something about that, since pirates are having a hard time making it in our modern office world:

In other news, I'm hankering for something steam punk:


Anonymous said...

I'll have to check that one out, I've been getting all my gaming news from the Independent Gaming blog.

Cave Story is a great game. You might also want to check out Lyle in Cube Sector (which has a Metroid feel to it) for another platformer. Other great platformers are A Game with a Kitty, AGWAK 2: Darkside Adventures (easily 5x better than the first, IMO), Within a Deep Forest and its sequels, and, for a more Mega Man feel, Noitu Love (evolution spelled backwards).

There are a ton of shmup's, but as that's quite possibly my least favorite genre (I suck at dodging bullets), you'll have to find the good ones on your own. Reactor 09 is a good adventure game, and there are lots of others, but that's the only one I've tried that I can remember well enough to recommend. It has one puzzle that's really nasty though; you may need a walkthrough to get past it.

Anonymous said...

Obviously I meant to sign the above as Nes, not Nesoo, as I usually go by the nickname. (A nickname for a pseudonym... heh.)

Ok, after finally having a chance to peruse that big 50 list, the games that have played and would recommend, but haven't already mentioned, are: Kingdom of Loathing (but only if you love terrible puns), Chocolate Castle (played 'til end of demo), Chalk, Oasis (actually purchased this one), Echoes, and Deadly Rooms of Death. Penumbra has been on my list of games to download for months, but I only have dial-up, so huge downloads are a pain.

TabAtkins said...


I've loved Flow for a long time, but I suspect everyone has.

Warning Forever was great. Lots of fun, but it's hard to trick the computer into boosting its defense. I was able to do it for a bit at one point by largely ignoring the ordinance and just blowing a hole through to the Core, but eventually it got too big for that to be a viable strategy. I had to start chopping off more limbs than were strictly necessary, which just means it boosts offense faster so as to deliver more pain in less time.

I want to try Cave Story, but hear that it's got a giant case of Guide-Dang-It. Apparently there's a secret Good Ending that you are never given any hint of, and can only get to by doing some completly unintuitive things just right. Sorta like the Zodiac Spear...

Samarost just annoys me. I'm not sure why.

Cortex Command isn't anywhere near playable yet, but you can play with it, which is still pretty fun. I particularly like how the dropship's engines will destroy stuff before you even buy it. Fill a space with brains (for free!) and let the chaos begin.

Kingdom of Loathing is always awesome. I stopped playing a while ago, but that's because I'm easily distracted. It's an awesome game, with what seems like a ton of replayability as you collect all the abilities and eventually move on to Hardcore runs.

I couldn't get Tumiki Fighters to run, which is a shame because it looks really sweet.

I wasn't all that amused by Chalk. A bit too simple, but too difficult as well. This was probably because I use a trackball due to wrist problems, which is never quite as responsive as a mouse is.

I haven't gotten to play the games on the fourth page yet, but I'm looking forward to getting into Battle for Wesnoth.

Death Worm is simple, but fun. My one complaint - OMIGOD STOP THE HELICOPTER SOUNDS I AM DEAFENED NOW.

Bronze Dog said...

The two things in Cave Story, one of which isn't too bad, and the other is easier than it sounds. Don't read if you want to figure it out yourself:

First one: Don't trade your Polar Star for the machine gun. You can find your way back to the start after getting the booster, and the gunsmith will upgrade it.

Second one, for the best ending: When you see Dr. Booster get teleported into the dump, skip by: You can clear the gap with a single jump. (There's a red marker). Later, after escaping, you'll find a room where you and Curly have to open up a lot of shutters. Go to the bottom right corner and check the sparkles. Later, you'll go through a wet area with a lot of currents. There's a door with an empty room. Dinker around with the bed, bookshelf, and so forth and exit when you pick Curly back up. At the end of the game, there'll be a cabin you can head into during the escape scene. Note that you'll need to have saved your game in the cabin.

That should cover the non-obvious steps. I think the rest have sufficient clues.

I'm still trying to beat the hidden area. Got to what I *think* is the last phase of the last boss.

Anonymous said...

I fear that I'm turning this in to an all Nes thread, but having finally torn myself away from a game, I feel I must comment.

I absolutely can not recommend Dwarf Fortress at all. It has completely consumed my life. I quite literally have done nothing but play or read about this game since downloading it (which I was doing as I put up my last comment here... nearly 2 weeks ago).

Those with a social life, beware!