Sunday, September 14, 2008

Beware, I Live!

What you're seeing now has probably spent a fair bit of time in a notepad window. I'm alive, and scrawling down some things that came up.

1. Had some sleep paralysis dreams. Dreamt I was in some Call of Cthulhu-type computer game where loss of sanity randomly lowered different stats, and I got screwed when my Strength petered out, just in time for some duckbilled Spore critter to show up beside my bed and smile eeeee-villey while I tried unsuccessfully to swat him and only ended up with enough strength to wave at him with only my hand. Finally managed a decent swat when I woke up and he disappeared into whatever hole in my subconscious he came from.

2. Replaying Final Fantasy IV on my DS. Got hit with fridge logic: Why did Cid have to jump off the airship to blow up the bomb himself? Aren't those things supposed to have timers or whatever? If the airship itself has a remote, shouldn't have it been easy to make one for a bomb? I also ended up wasting a lot of battery power in repeat fights with Dr. Lugae. Fucking reversing gas. Anyway, I ended up appreciating the value of good old alkaline. Ended up introducing my brother to Quarth.

3. Read a bit more of God Delusion. Expect some rants as I express agreement. Still nothing significant I didn't already know, except the conveniently divided up types of altruism.


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Bourgeois_Rage said...

We got hit by Ike in Cincinnati yesterday and the power's still out here. My workplace has power, though.

Glad to see that you survived.