Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Terrorist Attack on US Soil

Daily Kos covered it. Hat tip to PZ.

I'm too furious to type much. This was very much a terrorist attack and the people involved should be called as much. Gassing a room full of children to inspire fear in a group of people is terrorism. Period.


Infophile said...

Gah. Every aspect of this is just sickening. Hell, even Muslim terrorists have the relative decency to attack indiscriminately; anti-Muslim terrorists specifically target the women and children. And even the police are trying to sweep this under the rug, refusing to classify it as a hate crime. Sickening.

Clint Bourgeois said...

But Christians would never do things like this. It must have been those evil agnostics!

Sickening, attacking people because they are different.

Anonymous said...

I don't care who did this, it's sickening.

The thing that disturbs me is just how many people don't JUST say "Muslim is a silly religion and some of the followers are extremely violent". They say "those muslims all need to die!" and such things. These were people totally innocent of the crimes of the muslims who did actual violent crimes. That even today people are stupid enough to mix together the guilt of individuals just because they are in a "group" is disgusting to me.

Sure I think the muslim faith is silly, just like all the rest, but I'm not about to say "hey all muslims are violent baby eaters, and to show them how righteous we are, let's eat their babies".

Yeah, this is horrible.