Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bloggin' From Bed, Again

Woke up with my sinuses wreaking havoc on me. Sore throat and possible ear infection. I'm not terribly happy at the moment. So I'm going to fling random stuff your way.

Orac and PZ directed my attention to this excellent video on Jenny McCarthy's woo:

Had some kind of ramble I was going to go on about with conspiracy nuts of the twoofer/JFK/Moon Hoax type, but I'm not in the proper condition to remember it.

Thinking of doing some rants on my YouTube channel that are just accompanied by my image. Might also try posting some YouTubifications of earlier posts. Any recommendations?

Anyway, I've gotten the idea to make a video with some captioned pictures of altie treatments while I do a generic ramble. Figure it's an appropriate topic since I'm under the weather right now.

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Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly with it, and there were some funny jokes there, but overall it seemed to lack the comedy touch that makes Steven Colbert so constantly hilarious. I think it was phrasing his arguments far too exactly. Simply saying "I like something obviously terrible" isn't quite enough. He should have taken the time to make their points bad by examples from his own fictional life, or use their OWN arguments against them directly rather than phrase it exactly as we do.

Overall, a good show with great points but the writing could use some work.