Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Well Said, Keith

I don't watch his show, but I've seen some damn fine clips on YouTube, like this one on Prop 8:

Good night and good luck.


Clint Bourgeois said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, well put.

The response of those who voted for it?

"But they threaten the sanctity of marriage!"

This is like those people who get upset when they hear previously "exclusive" content is now available to everyone. These are people who consider something's true value not what it does for them personally, but the fact that a bunch of people DON'T have it. It's the most selfish attitude someone can ever have, and while it's hateful enough when we talk about something petty like video game pre-order exclusives, it's truly outrageous when we talk about marriage.

Now I'm not someone who's interested in relationships. I've never even been on a date, and honestly I've never really wanted to bother. But I'm not heartless, and when I see two people who are in love and want to get married, when I'm invited to a wedding and watch it, I can empathize with it and it does move me.

When I hear someone say "they do have all the righs we have, they can marry someone of the opposite sex too" and just completely blindly make cruel jokes like that, intentionally missing the point, it makes me wonder if people made similar "they do have all the rights we have, they can marry someone of the same race" jokes back in those olden days.

MWchase said...

I like the "Theeeeenk of thee cheeeeeldren!" aspect where they claimed that children were best raised by two people of the opposite sex. Quite aside from the question of whether a given couple would want to adopt/surrogate/whatever, is the mental image they must have of, say, a lesbian couple struggling to raise a child while there's nobody around to move the furniture! Horrors. Horrors and madness.

How ever will little Timmy learn to mow the lawn, sling a pigskin, or beat up people who make him feel viscerally uncomfortable?

Anonymous said...

It's almost like people still have the attitude that gay people are crazy or deviants. Like homosexuality's still on the DSM for diagnosing mental disorders (which it was up until the early 70's). It's appropriate BD did an entry on, since they recently did an article that featured an old PSA they used to show in 50's health classes, where they told young men to watch out for gay older men, as if they were all automatically pedophiles. That attitude's still alive & well, sadly. Prejudice without any evidence.

I restate the position I made to one of BD's previous posts that the state shouldn't be in the marriage business at all, at least not treating it as something separate from other contracts. It should be handled that way for everyone, straight or gay. Marriage is an antiquated, misogynistic, religious institution, and the state shouldn't be involved.

MWchase said...

I remember seeing one of those videos on YouTube... it managed to give the impression that gay sex was somehow fatal. "The police were too late to find Jim, and kindly asked his grieving parents to identify the body." or somesuch.