Thursday, November 27, 2008

Worrying the Turkey

Well, I've had a mostly quiet Thanksgiving so far, aside from occasional streams of demon screams while I replay Okami. Ended up catching up on some Pharyngula posts I missed, including this one. Got angry enough I forgot the part about it being back in the 80s. Still foamy that that sort of thing happened, though. Fucking domestic terrorists.

One part that gets me is the effort on the fundies' part to label the dissenters as Communists. I'm no historian, but using government institutions to enforce beliefs on people strikes me as something Stalin would approve of. After all, he executed people for researching evolution, and some of these people butchered goats and sent death threats to people of slightly different Christian denominations for expressing some concern.

The thing that gets my goat is that if it were to happen today, the mainstream media would probably be too scared to call this sort of thing for what it is: Terrorism. If they're scared to call gassing a daycare center for what it is, I doubt they'd say it about this sort of thing.

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