Sunday, November 02, 2008

Pointless Fun Advance

Well, my dad found my Gameboy Advance with FFTA in it. So I'm going to celebrate with a bit of purposeless entertainment.

Argent Burst: Remember Missile Command from way back, when microchips were just barely newer than the stone knives and bearskins our distant grandparents used? Well, this is like that, only faster.

Light Bot: Fun with programming... I'm stuck on level 10.

Frantic: Doesn't quite live up to its title, but it's a nice shooter. No need to hold down the fire button, which is nice.

So, onto the videos:

Just another day at Aperture Science:

What's going through Gordon Freeman's mind? This:

I need more ninja cats in my life:


Flit said...

I just had a go at Light-Bot, was fun. Would be cool if it had a random level generator to add some more playability once you've completed the 12 levels.

Another programming based game is Droid Battles, you design a droid and program it then fight it against other droids.

Flit said...

After playing Light Bot a while ago I had a look for some more programming based games and I came across BitBath at

It's a really simple java based game where you write code to control a droid army. Very addictive. In fact all of the puzzle and games on the site are good, I haven't gotten any work done in weeks.