Saturday, November 22, 2008

Random Geek Note

I've watched a couple episodes of that new Batman: The Brave and the Bold cartoon. I have a hard time accepting Hoss Delgado as Batman. Probably doesn't help that Kevin Conroy is firmly entrenched as my Batman... Christian Bale's a close second, though.


Don said...

Unless Kevin Conroy is your animated Batman, you should have no animated Batman. I think that was proven by "The Batman." Also, the Joker had dreadlocks, so that didn't help.

Anonymous said...

The original animated series Batman is still my favorite. I still think that the whole forced gravely voice thing they did in the current movie incarnation was the big smudge on an otherwise excellent movie series. That voice was something I had to force myself to work past. Honestly it would have paid to have that actor watch some of that cartoon to get a good idea on how one can do a scary voice and still sound casual. I accepted it in the first one only because I convinced myself it was his first attempt at trying to be a hero so he hadn't got the voice down yet. Hearing it in the second one, it almost sounded worse.

That said, the guy is certainly better than any previous actor to play the part.

So yeah, for Batman, top is Kevin Conroy and then Mr. Bale. For the Joker, I was completely blown away by the new movie, so I have to put the late Ledger as top, followed closely by the cartoon voice, which I hear is actually Mark Hamill (dang, that's just so weird). In fact, that guy to look at him would be a good replacement if they end up wanting to reuse the joker in future additions to the movie series. At the very least, I have to wonder if in the upcoming Dissidia Final Fantasy game, they'll use Mark as Kefka's voice actor for the translation. I found it pretty interesting that Kefka's new look sports the "sloppy all-over lipstick" thing... Hmm...

Yeah, The Batman really fell apart for me when I realized what they did to all my favorite villians. The original series made them all incredibly interesting, but then I watch the new series and Mr. Freeze is nothing more than a thug that got lucky, and his story is almost completely missing? That dog won't hunt... It's hard to really care about any of the villians when you strip them of everything that made them interesting and deep.

Oh yes, I think that Mr. Freeze and his whole messed up story needs to be a part of the next Batman movie. Yes I know they are going for realism but after the cell phone thing I really don't think I'll mind a freeze gun. Heck they could turn it into a modified tank and nozzle that sprays liquid hydrogen for all I care, just get him in there.

Bronze Dog said...

Definitely lining up with your Joker preferences. It weirded me out when I found out it was Mark Hammil doing Dinnyverse Joker, too.

Mark Hammil as Kefka would be quite appropriate. Going from one monster clown into another.

As for Mr. Freeze, yeah. I was willing to give that series a fair chance, but butchering our beloved anti-villain version of the guy pretty much doomed it in my eyes.