Monday, November 24, 2008

Explain This, Creationists

I'm working on another video, inspired by a caller who completely owned Kent Hovind on his radio show. The subject: Nested hierarchies, the branching nature of heredity, and the distribution of similarities. So, some questions for Creationists:

Why do we not see radially symmetrical insects?

Why do we not see crocoducks?

Why do we not see so-called "higher animals" with insect-like mandibles?

Why do we not see plants with complex brains?

Why do we not see dogs with hooves?

As far as I can tell, the Creationist answer goes something like this: Their god, which randomly popped out of nowhere, and was randomly given power and intelligence from nothing, just randomly decided on a random whim to make everything fit together in this orderly, predictable pattern of heredity that tells us where to look for new matching fossils.

A theory needs to explain the data. Creationism is just throwing your hands up and saying there is no overarching order to the diverse forms life takes. It doesn't explain when and where we can expect similarities or why different organisms have different traits. So, what does Creationism explain?

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