Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Foamin' at the Mouth #4

Well, I think we all knew this was coming. The Libyan kangaroo court has found the six medical workers guilty of deliberately infecting people with AIDS, despite solid evidence to the contrary.


Rockstar said...

Ugh. That just makes my blood boil. 6 people...sentenced to DIE for no good reason.

Salem Witch trials anyone?

Bob said...

Don't you see? All we have to do is bomb the place into submission, install a new government, and then democracy will flower naturally. I think they're ready.

But seriously, fuck Libya.

Infophile said...

Salem Witch trials anyone?

I'd go one step further and compare this to the European witch trials. Those were a ploy by the church to focus social unrest due to shit-poor conditions onto a source other than the church. Here, the trial's a ploy by the government to blame the shit-poor hygeine on something other than themselves.

Anonymous said...

Salem Witch trials? Yes, ofcourse. And all the other sad, sad witch trials in Europe. Who polluted our precious children? Who debauched our health system? Witches'! Burn them!