Saturday, December 16, 2006

Geeze. Forgot My Own Blogiversary

Yesterday (Friday) at noon was one year after my first post here.


Infophile said...

Now, the ironic part is I saw some post you made earlier this week (on another blog, forget which one) reminding random people of your anniversary. And now you're the one to forget it.

Anyways, happy anniversary, man!

Don said...

Hope you and your blog went out for a nice, expensive dinner, and one of you bought the other a diamond necklace.

Unknown said...


Bronze Dog said...

Pointless comment spam involving you-know-who posting his redefinition of black=white.

IAMB said...

Shit. I missed yours too? I was a few days late for Orac, I missed Abel's and now yours. Gawd I feel like a jerk.

Happy blogiversary/annibloggery!

(better late than never)