Sunday, December 17, 2006

I Got the Thiiiiig!

Sing the above to the Zelda item-collecting tune.

Got up early for a Wii today. Let's say I'm glad IHOP is open 24/7. New Zelda's pretty different. Kind of weird to wind up slashing because I had a nose itch. At least I haven't been going terribly crazy with the controller.

Wii Sports gave me a nice work-out.


Don said...

Congratulations, sir. Hopefully you enjoy it a lot. I know I did.

Infophile said...

I'm completely unable to get one - don't have a car at university, and no online stores have them in stock. So you'd better enjoy it double for my sake. *shakes fist*

Anonymous said...

I tried to go stand in line for one on Sunday morning, but when there are 40 people in front of me for 24 machines being reserved at 3 per person, well, yeah.

The parents will get me one for christmas probably about february, I imagine, but that leaves the unfortunate question of "what do I get as a placeholder gift on the 25th?"

Bronze Dog said...

I could have made a lot of people angry if I decided to buy a second one for my brother (I figured we'd be able to find something he'd like for it).

Smaller store in a not-so-big town: 6 Wiis, and 12 or so people in line. I was in the front of the line.