Saturday, December 23, 2006

Say Hello to the New Love in My Life

Her name is Patina.

Got one of those dual core processors, so I'm curious how that'll work out. Also got a TV tuner, so you might just see me upload some stuff to YouTube from TV. Fingerprint scanner's kind of neat.

Keyboard's a little weird: The arrow keys are squnched into tall, thin buttons.


Michael Bains said...


Toshiba, eh? Coolish. Though I've never liked those trackballs, I know some folks who actually do really with them.

Glad to here you guys had a great holiday, B-Dog, and hope your critters are feeling much better now as well.

Bronze Dog said...

So far, Molly's doing just fine, though we're trying to get her weight back down.

Kafka, AA's cat, has two modes: Sleeping and misbehaving.

Don said...

I bet he has a third mode: giant vermin.

Pastor Yamil Luciano said...

Remember: A swift bullet will solve all of its problems.

Or you can take it to the SPCA where they can "take care" of it for you. Just make sure they are not Korean unless you feel benevolent enough to give them their next meal.

Bronze Dog said...

Don't worry about it, Weapon: I'm not going to sic any Koreans on you, North or South.

Remember: Life is worth living. You just need to find something worthwhile in your life, so you don't need to contemplate doing such horrible things to yourself, Weapon.

Pastor Yamil Luciano said...

Funny, coming from Bronze DOG

Bronze Dog said...

Yeah. You've really put me in my place there. Seriously.

My apologies to all the sarcasmometers out there.