Sunday, December 24, 2006

Fraternal Pluggery

My brother's a little annoyed he didn't make it into the latest Carnival of the Godless, so I might as well generate a little traffic for him.

First, my favorite of his submissions: No Peace On Earth With Atheists Under Fire

Here, he ravages one of the typical right wing "Save Christmas from a largely nonexistent threat" editorials.

Another quick entry is a handy item, just in case it turns out we're wrong. It'll fit in your wallet, so it shouldn't burden you too much. Of course, I seriously doubt we'll be needing it.


Anonymous said...

Directing traffic?

You mean the same five people that stop by to kiss your ass.

Bronze Dog said...

More like just shy of 200 visits per day. But, of course, that's irrelevant. I doubt someone like you would understand brotherly respect.

TheBrummell said...

Mocking a blog for low traffic in the comments of that blog is a little like being afraid of being seen in the porn shop - the only other people who'll see you fondling the dildos are other people also there to fondle the dildos.

I like your brother's blog, BD, but my time spent reading great blogs threatens to exceed all other activities combined. Is there a 12-step program for people who waste copious time on-line, engaged in lively reasonable discussion?

Pastor Yamil Luciano said...

Tell your brother, to grow up and be his own man!

Bronze Dog said...

Yeah, because linking to my brother means that he's completely dependent on me, despite having his traffic grow pretty well for a new blog.

Unfortunately, I've been contaminated by the Game Theory lessons evolution teaches, and thus can't help but cooperate with others for mutual benefit. If only I could learn to be a sociopath.

Pastor Yamil Luciano said...

Tell him to stop being a sissy man like his brother.

Get his thumb out of his mouth.

Bronze Dog said...

So, you're like... Arnold Schwarzenegger, now?

Cooperation is girly, now?

I think you've sunk deeper into trolldom than the gay jokes.

Bob said...

Hey, Weapon of Mass Retardation!


Would you like to buy a vowel?

Bronze Dog said...

I love it when Weapon leaves himself vulnerable to such tu quoques like that.

Pastor Yamil Luciano said...


No thanks. Not interested in joining your club.