Saturday, June 30, 2007

Funny Searches: June 2007

Another month, another collection of teh sillies. Of course, I'm typing this at the start of the month and saving as a draft, so we'll see if the list is up to expectations.

who do we call for the cardiac thingy: I don't know. Maybe those, uh, guys with the stethoscopes.

psychics say one thing and horoscope says something different: I'm surprised the psychics would agree on something.

science vs magic: Real world: Science wins by default: Magic is a no-show. My D&D campaigns: They're one and the same.

snickers kitty porn: This one involves non-brand name snickers, at least for me.

what happens if someone swallows spunk?: You've got spunk, kid. I hate spunk.

new age vibrations theory: They vary from moment to moment... The 'theories,' not the vibrations.

bronze has more fun: The silver and gold may be more successful, but we have fun doing our stuff.

autism ninja: I have a feeling there's an anime or manga out there with that premise.

prescription for cyberphobia: Don't look now, but you're running an Internet search... three times over the course of the month.

how to get heat vision: Travel back in time, get your mother laid by a kryptonian, and use your flight and super speed to spin the Earth backwards to travel back in time, get your mother laid by a kryptonian...

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