Friday, June 08, 2007

Just Thinking Out Loud

It's been hard keeping track of all the suggestions in all the different doggerel-related threads, so I thought I'd consolidate some of the prospective list here for the time being, as well as gather some of my thoughts. If you're interested in doing any of these yourself, be sure tell me.

Phlegm provided one example that I may do next: "Context", specifically to refer to woos complaining about quotes we provide being 'out of context' when they aren't. Think I could also do a part on one altie statement I saw: "Homeopathy and conventional medicine each work in their own context." Of course, homeopathy doesn't seem to ever work when someone's looking very closely.

Suggestions brought in by others:

"Anything's possible!" which Ryan has done a little bit on himself.

"UnAmerican" is one that has a lot of potential to spill too far into politics, but I can see it being used stupidly. If you've got some examples, be sure to show me.

"Why would [woo pusher] lie to me?"

"You just think you're smarter than everybody else!"

"Just-so story"

"Join in the debate": Suggested by my brother. I've seen this one used, where it's a challenge to join a verbal debate, rather than continue duking it out where that doggerel shows up. Why move the battlefield to one that favors dishonesty? Verbal debates are inherently biased towards whoever can spout the most lies is the shortest amount of time.

"Something more" as in people who say the garden isn't beautiful enough without the fairies underneath it.

"Now you're just being defensive!"

"Toxin": I long planned on doing this one myself, but I'd like to do a bit of research to really nail it down.

"Artificial": To go along with "natural".

"Perfect": Fits with the IDiots out there.

"I don't have to tell you all my secrets!": For woos who try to look like they have the answers, but for some reason, don't want to show the world that they've solved a problem, but would rather imply it.

"You don't know enough to judge!": Which is why they should start handing out useful information that addresses our arguments.

"Where do you get your morals?": I've done a few rants on this, but not a Doggerel entry.

Ideas I thought of myself (Disclaimer: Sometimes I suffer from cryptomnesia)

"Mercury": Specific to anti-vaxxers who like to pretend that salt is a poisonous, metallic green gas that blows up when you drop it in water.

"The Government!": The eeeee-ville, monolithic entity run by an idiot they try to link us to.

"Controversy": When it doesn't really exist. Closely related to "Both sides."

"You don't like anything new!": Usually spouted by someone advocating an old, dead idea.


Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

I'm looking forward to your take on Just So story. One of the most prolific pseudonym changing trolls LOVES spouting that one out.

Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

Not sure this qualifies or not.

Don said...

Hmm. I like them all except UnAmerican, for the reasons you gave, and Artificial, because it seems like it would be too close to the old "Chemicals" Doggerel from a while ago.

Anonymous said...

I'm particularly partial to: "Join in the Debate."

Chiropractors are continually badgering me to engage them in a debate... as if I would waste time trying to persuade an idiot. :)

I just recently discovered your blog and I've only had time to read a few of your posts, but I definitely enjoy your writing and I am looking forward to going back through your archives.

(I think I initially found you thru Orac's Respectful Insolence Blog, but I could be mistaken.)

I've added you to my blogroll. I hope you don't mind the heading I put you under.

- Dean

Infophile said...

One more I thought of recently (you might remember this conversation): Pseudoskeptic. Basically, it's a accusation of the woos that we're not keeping an open mind and are just out to deny whatever they say. However, I was actually planning to do this one (well, something right along these lines) myself soon. If you want to cross-link it as a Doggerel or give your own take, though, I ahve no objections.

Bronze Dog said...

Good idea. Think I'll save that one for a special number and include a 'see also' to whatever you post.

Infophile said...

So am I to infer that you've decided you what you're doing for #100?

Bronze Dog said...

Yup. Got some ideas that I think are appropriately special for #99, #100, and #101.