Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Le Canard Noir's blog has been taken down because the cowards at Netcetera. They caved into the threats of some nobody quack, despite being clearly legally protected. The Thought Police and book burners live.

Normally, I'd instinctively focus a lot of rage at the anti-speech actions of the quack involved and how he stands for the destruction of civilized society, but given that the same ISP has caved in for the third time to such threats, they don't deserve any revenue. If they can't offer any protection for your material, they aren't worth the money.

So, if you're expressing unpopular opinions on Netcetera, I highly recommend you find a new service and make a backup of all your stuff before they open up the doors for the internet book burners.

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Anonymous said...

Their "Acceptable Usage" policy basically boils down to their being able to remove any content at any time, for any reason they choose. "Inconvenience" is their reason for removing the Quackometer because it's diverting a member of staff away from the more righteous task of flogging their dubious services. "Dubious", obviously because of their pathetic "Acceptable Usage" policy.
Put your business with Netcetera at your peril.