Sunday, February 17, 2008

Finally Getting to my Deityhood

Well, Tom Foss started a meme. Somewhere, I got tagged invisibly, though I was going to get around to it regardless of whether or not I got tagged. Some of this is going to involve repetition of ideas.

I'm going to have to try having some fun with the whole Bronze Dog God thing.

1. Resources will not be scarce. At least not in the "real" world. The only places I'd make scarce resources are game worlds/boards/servers. The first games to operate on those principles will be praised by the gamer community as an innovative abstract concept that livens up gameplay.

2. Time will be tangled up for maximum convenience. Go ahead and take a nap, go to work, class, get in the proper mood, or whatever. Your friends on the game server won't even notice you went afk. This, however, might lead to some interesting conversations, requiring an extensive system of grammar for all the different verb tenses. I will haven grantek everyone automatic fluency in this grammar before any problems arise.

3. Who needs death? Indefinite lifespans are fine by me. If someone manages to get bored despite everyone putting out lots of entertainment, they can pick out a memory wipe, bliss-out, or whatever. Some people will appreciate having a reformatted newb to train.

4. Not science, SCIENCE! Like Tom, I'd make Hollywood/comic book/videogame super science a possibility. Who needs square cube laws and laws of motion getting in the way of building a giant honking robot to fly over your infinite back yard?

Suggestions for expansion are appreciated.


Infophile said...

For some reason I just feel like quoting the Doctor here: "Interfering in established events is strictly forbidden... except for cheap tricks."

Anonymous said...

Yeah I've considered this... a number of times...

My conclusion is reality's "top level" should more or less be an eternal computer program. That is, causing harm would be impossible in the same way you can't "hit" an icon on your desktop with another icon. All interactions would be limited to communication and ignore lists would be implemented. However, that would be the boring basic level. Beyond this pure level of data everyone would be fully capable of creating whatever worlds they want and inviting others to those worlds. The basic "rule sets" could be determined by the original creator but they would be limited to not being able to harm any other visitors directly in any way (they have full control over that) and really at most would be superficial damage to an avatar representative in that world (basically an MMO).

This full world modification would provide all body modification and fixes they could want. Aside from that all users would be able to have full control of their minds, including improving, ,section alteration (maybe they wish to alter their own personality), memory wipes, amalgamation with another willing individual, and deletion if they should so wish.

This data system would be able to recreate all that have died. This would ignore "do not recessitate" orders back in the real world but would not ignore a digital world "DNR" (the idea is those who made those original orders should have the knowledge that this new world is now in place to make their final decision at least).

This digital system also allows for pretty much all that other stuff this and that other blog said, per individual.

Oh yes, the outer "metaworld" in this digital space, aside from having an ignore feature, should have a full directory of all users and created worlds, excepting those who wish themselves or their created worlds to remain hidden.

The creation system would be super intelligent perfect glitchless programming handled by a massive all powerful AI. (Think the computer in Next Generation that the people on the ship just say general statements to in order to get those flawless holodeck programs, only it'll always know exactly what the user wants and will never malfunction (unless the user wants to introduce a margin of error for fun, and no "subconciously added it" nonsense, unless agian they decide to add that feature to their mind).

This program will be a self sustained program with infinite resources constantly enhancing it's use of those resources. The users would determine if new users should be created and they could all be created with a great assortment of personalities, from "blank slate" to, say, Gandalf. However, after creation all these new personas would have full freedom of their own lives. Further the AI of this system would determine which personalities could be created. One could not be made, for example, that was in a constant state of suffering. Only simulations that are not self aware would be controlled by their creators.

As for me, after this "great work" I'd just give the power over to the omnibenevolant servent AI of the system and join everyone else. Just being ON this system is sufficiently "all powerful" for me.

Oh yes, the AI in charge would certainly be more aware than anyone and though I designed it to enjoy serving everyone, if it decided (like Eden from Rez) to shut down or no longer serve, it can. The system will simply automatically create a new AI to fill the old roll.

As has been said, with full individual control and the ability to wipe memories and create new worlds, if someone doesn't want a life of pure hedonistic joy, they could all create a world where they just work for a long time in a world and have to help each other. I suppose I'd join in every now and again in such worlds. Of course in those situations they would by default (unless they specifically want otherwise) return to the system after they die in that sort of world.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I thought I'd add that in this programmatic universe, the outer level would run in "meta time" but with infinite resources, any single person's perspective of time can be altered. It can of course be slowed or frozen, but also sped up by any amount at the user's will. Worlds created can also have a default time set up. In this way, any user can, as was suggested already, take infinetly long breaks if they so wish without being missed, and MMOs can live in their own time.

Hmm, for that matter why limit myself to one dimension of time? Might as well set up basic meta time but also other "directions" of time completely, and more can be created for other worlds. Imagine a direction of time perpendicular to ordinary time. In this setup, it works both ways. Someone can take as much time from EITHER group/world/individual interaction without being missed by the other, as any time that passes in one axis won't affect the other at all. As with physical dimensions made in the worlds, the time dimensions would have no limit on the number that can be made. Yeah, that solves any time related limitations rather well.

Laser Potato said...

But the real question is...would you be able to find out a way to prove your own existence?

Anonymous said...

Well I'd say just asking the question would prove I exist to myself.

For everyone else, I'm pretty sure a total overhaul of physical reality in the way I described would be sufficient evidence. Absolute proof? No but, well check out the "old dog new tricks" post.