Friday, February 22, 2008

The Days of Our Pointless Fun

Well, I've been leading a double life on another blog (give me your email if you want to see Bronze Dog's Game Development Limbo), been in the witness protection program, since I have to testify it was I who shot Caleb Rentpayer.

So, to keep you occupied:

Eyemaze: Website full of games, including the very cool Grow series. The creator's feeling under the weather right now, so help him get better.

Submachine 5: Interesting point-and-click exploration game. I should probably try out the earlier ones.

Here's some near-lethal nostalgia fuel:

Items on my "Definite buy" list: Fez and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet.

The usual thanks go to Nodwick and TIGS.


Anonymous said...

This is why I prefer Valve's method of dealing with copyright infringement by extremely talented people: HIRING them.

Laser Potato said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laser Potato said...

Baleeted my comment, as it contained my email address. Hotmail was down at the time Bronze Dog was asking for my email, so I had no choice...