Monday, June 30, 2008

Call For Doggerel #e

I haven't been building up the index all that much lately. It's kind of hard to think of stuff I haven't already covered, though I'm sure it's out there. If you're of a medical slant, you can get an honorary Doggerel entry on 'toxins.' I've been meaning to do that one for a while.


Infophile said...

How about "moral fiber"? You know, the thing that degrades when you view pornography and thus makes you more likely to commit murder.

Anonymous said...

One I've seen turn up is the pretentious wanker version of thinking outside the box, namely Plato's allegory of the cave.

Because we mere closed mindeds are shackled to a rock talking to shadows, the woo is set free and able to see the world for what she really is. (But how do they know they're not in a bigger box still? Like a transdimensional Russian doll)