Monday, June 30, 2008

Rant: Cretinists

I still tend to have a particular preference for ranting about IDiots, Cretinists, and whatever else you want to call them. I've seen so much of them that I think I can distinguish all sorts of flavors I'll need to name someday. Typically, they aren't all that different from their cousins from the previous post.

Postmodernism: Just like I described in the previous rant, Creationists will use postmodernism as an excuse to dismiss evidence. They'll ramble about irrelevancies like Darwin's alleged racism, alleged rage against their stone idol, the harsh wording we use, or as an old favorite troll here did, claim that having ready stock answers to disengenuous stock questions invalidates the points made. It's all about making up random rules so that they don't have to back up anything they say.

Overt dishonesty: No matter how much we make a point to correct fundamental errors, they'll make a point of making them over and over and over again. Once a typical Cretinist leaves a forum or blog to start elsewhere, they unlearn everything ever said to them. I've never met one who demonstrates any knowledge about the debate. All Cretinists are apparently newbies to the debate.

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