Saturday, June 28, 2008

Texas is DOOMED! Yet Again

Phil Plait started that meme, and since I live in this wretched hive of scum and villainy, I should post more often about it. The latest item that's come to my attention is a state-approved exorcism.

Since PZ's post has the appropriate information and links, I'll spend some time foaming.

A kid gets mistreated, and all of the sudden it's legal because their religion teaches that it's okay to do such things. Wonder if they'll reverse it when some pro-sacrificial sect kills someone for ritual purposes. Probably cut it down to a wrist-slap, instead. Of course, if some non-Christian cult does it, I imagine they'll invent some excuse to claim that this ruling isn't relevant.

You know it's bad if you can't tell you're being a realist or maximally cynical. Whenever I read some theist troll claiming the moral high ground, it's crap like this that comes to mind first and foremost. The few times I do manage to see theists behaving themselves, it's the secular ones. The fire and brimstone theists are busy condoning torture, murder, inequality, deception, and greed. Every time I get into an argument with a persistent fundie about morality, it always, always descends into that. Non-interactive ones on the TV fall into the same trap if we give them enough rope.

This whole thing is just one more reason why I consider there to be little or no distinction between the wacko religious fundies and the wacko newagers. The two camps just argue over minutiae. Wonder if I'm going to end up having to move to Rhode Island in a reversal of a certain Family Guy episode.

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