Monday, June 30, 2008

Pointless Question #25

So, a Big Bad shows up, and it turns out the big, overly gimmicky CCG tournament you've been winning is part of some weird magical plot to feed the players' souls to some cosmic horror so it'll come out and eat the universe.

Why don't you just put down the deck, get a gun, and shoot him?


Don said...

Because only by engaging the monster in a card game and beating him can be truly be defeated for good. Bullets are at best a temporary stopgap.

If you're looking for a "why" for that one, I have no fucking clue.

Anonymous said...

Is this like a Yugioh type of thing? Don't they usually have some extreme penalty for people who decide to quit in the middle of a match, like "stop now and you'll never see your father's soul again"? I'm also pretty sure in the situations where they might WANT to use brute force, that's ruled out already too. I mean there was an episode where a character actually DID pull a gun on the big bad but made the mistake of standing on a trap door. Sure if anyone else brought one, they now know where that trap door is, but the other issue is the whole building was filled with armed security, and killing the big bad in this case would have been the same as quitting the match in terms of rescuing certain people.

Anonymous said...

Well, when you were getting ready this morning you only had room for one more item, Gun or sideboard

Joshua said...

Because I was too stupid to bring one. Damn my fixation on cards!