Saturday, June 28, 2008

Discussion Thread: Reality is Unrealistic

I've seen a lot of crazy over in my stay on the internet. One of the recurring themes I've seen in woos is complaints about normal things being crazy to believe in. In other words, "Reality is Unrealistic." I mentioned this in another recent post, just as a quick mention.

One example that comes to mind other than twoofers are the people who think the moon landings were a hoax. They don't seem to know much about how things really work in vacuums, low gravity, or anything about photography. Because stars show up in sci-fi shows, regardless of camera-adjacent lighting conditions, they must show up in reality.

In the more general woo area, conspiratorial thought tends to drive people to think reality works like thin premises for action flicks.

So, open discussion.

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Anonymous said...

I belive the argument you're looking for is "Of course truth is stranger than ficiton. Fiction is supposed to make sense, whereas truth has no such limitations."

Because so much of our popular entertainment is either outright fiction, or presented within a strong narrative, we're conditioned to expect reality to follow the same trend.