Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Foamin' at the Mouth Runoff: "Who Cares?"

The topic: A recent post at Skeptico, justifiably deleted just before I posted my response. It's no longer in my browser cache, so I'll paraphrase: "You sound like you're the ones with something to prove! Get a life!" Lots of mindless laughter included.

The topic was the eternally evasive Sylvia Browne, specifically when she predicted those miners were still alive. Only, she got it very wrong.

Of course, we don't really have something to prove: Sylvia's got the burden of proof. Especially since she takes money from people. All we have to do is point out a bunch of embarrassing failures to instill reasonable doubt.

Skeptics like us are out there to protect people from these drains on society, yet Sandy seems to think such efforts are a waste of our lives (or at least she seems to consider it a waste of her life to listen to our arguments and motives). Like Jambo of the JREF forums once said (I'll need to dig up the exact quote sometime), "What business of yours is it if some con artists are scamming people you've never met out of thousands of dollars?"

Do people like Sandy and Jambo really and truly lack the most basic civility? I've heard somewhere that Nigeria has developed so that scamming Americans is an accepted way of life, but I would think that these people would be born in some country where exploiting people rendered vulnerable by feelings of loss for your personal financial gain is regarded as monstrous.


Michael Bains said...

... exploiting people rendered vulnerable by feelings of loss for your personal financial gain is regarded as monstrous.

One generation at a time, mi amigo. 1 at a time.

Good work, Dog.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don’t normally delete comments but that one was just so pointless and lacking in content I just deleted it straight off. (Didn’t help that I had just woken up and wasn’t in the best of moods either.) Do you have a feed direct from the comments of Skeptico? You seem to respond to these bozos before I even know I have a comment. ;-)

Good response, btw.

Bronze Dog said...

No, I just obsessively refresh (I use your website's links as my skeptical blog hub, since I don't like an overcrowded bookmark sidebar). Glad you liked the response. Really annoys me when people show absolutely no understanding about why we're doing this, or worse, like Jambo, simply don't care about anyone who doesn't directly affect their life.

Bronze Dog said...

Oh yeah, and dumb luck helps.