Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Your One Week Warning

Things are going to get nasty about a week from now. At least, that's what this guy said some crop circles told him. I think I'll continue planning my retirement while you go over to Phil Plait's place and placate your molehill-sized pile of worries.


LBBP said...

Wow, that guy puts an awful lot of energy into his crazy doesn't he.

Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

I almost left a comment on the forum, but decided my criticism could be focused elsewhere.

Thats just plain sillyness.

Stew said...

The forum is amazing!
The people are deluded on a previously unimagined scale.
There is at least one person who should be on meds to quiet the nightmares and voices in his head.
I too was going to post but decided it would be like teasing the afflicted or pissing in the wind.
Also interesting is how they already have their get-outs for when the event doesn't happen. (Quantum mechanics, alternative realities, timescales etc)
Nutjobs the lot of them

Bronze Dog said...

Personally, I hope the escape routes are some sign that deep down, they know they're wrong.

I doubt it, though.