Monday, May 15, 2006

(Late) Spring Cleaning

Well, I've been doing a little looking back, since our blog's birthday is coming up on the 20th. Had to do a lot of clean-up. (Mind the spamful garbage can there. I'm leaving it out for the Vikings.) Anyway, dropped a quick post on the first entry, including taking a few shots at an anonymous fish, currently located in a barrel.

Noticed one of the January Astrology Spam Assaults (Thankfully erased from the history books, except for this footnote) featured someone named "Wood horse". Sounds like someone I could make into an arch-nemesis.

Been reviewing our site traffic, and noticed that we seem to get a lot of traffic for Rochelle Gordon, some psychic astrologer or whatever, who Ryan and Skeptico could probably tell horror stories about. We're already #1 on Google for one set of search terms when it comes to her. Maybe we should devote some effort to getting up the ranks for simply "Rochelle Gordon."

Suppose one bday present we could use is a new name.

UPDATE: Seems this blog entry is #25 on Google search for Rochelle Gordon, right now. Weird. Suppose we have a chance of climbing the ranks, afterall.


Michael Bains said...

I've gotchya y'all listed as "Rockstar's Ramblings & Co" in my sidebar.

How 'bout "R&R Debunking"? It's a typically americanaesque evolution of a name.

msherbalpills said...

You must have a beer from Rochelle:)))

Stew said...

Ryan - I've just invented a new form of woo. It'c called Bracchiumism and its freely available to all skeptics to use as an example in gullibility.