Monday, May 08, 2006

I Can Name That Brother... In 3 Notes. Maybe.

Well, my brother's currently over here with me in meatspace. He generally favors the pseudonym "strawman", but that one's usually taken everywhere, and he'd rather not stick on a dozen digits and underscores. So, the challenge I leave to you, my readers, is to come up with a unique alias for him. He's got a philosophy degree. He's got two turntables... but needs a good microphone. He does a little writing, and has a hypothesis that all humor (except maybe slapstick) has a basis in logic or the lack thereof. Like most of the people in this section of the blogosphere, he's an atheist.

I'll be over here building up a list of my own ideas.

Post Hawk
Ad Hawk (If the spam filters won't get to him.)
Ad Hominid
Ed Hominem
Ray Ification
Ed Baculum
The One True Scotsman
The Texas Sharpshooter
Doctor Reductio (ad absurdum) Back Off!
Questionable Beggar
President Precedent

Okay, I'm about tapped out for the time being.


TheBrummell said...

What, this person is related to BronzeDog, yes?

SteelRat (or StainlessSteelRat, to steal a name)

or, sticking to the alloys-of-copper with Canidae


Wikipedia list of alloys:
Wikipedia list of Canids:

Bronze Dog said...

I had contemplated something along the lines of BrassDog, but I didn't want to push him towards having his identity stuck with mine.

Rev. BigDumbChimp said...