Thursday, October 12, 2006

45th Skeptics' Circle and Open Thread

Hello, hello, hello.

This is my voice, -oice, -oice...

Having a little trouble listening to the mp3: My (new) PSP says it's corrupted, and I don't dare play the file at work on a computer without a working headphone slot. (Probably one in the back, but my cord doesn't stretch terribly far.) My brother submitted his voice late, so I don't know if he got in there, yet. (UPDATE: Yup. Complete with the blooper he told me about over the phone.)

Here's one entry I enjoyed, and I summarize it thus: Woo aims for Dawkins. Kills ID instead.

As is the tradition passed down by our blogfathers, this thread is open. Discussion on whether or not I'd be a good singer for Ryan's band is, however, FORBIDDEN!

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Clint Bourgeois said...

Interesting to hear your voice, BD. I thought this SC was a good one. The line between Denialist and Skeptic is a hard one to not cross at times. What do some people do to keep themselves in check?