Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Night 2006

Well, I'm tending to the spooks since I'm not aware of any local costume parties worthy of my attention. (Being a geek probably figures into that.)

My brother, however, is going to such a party. He's dressed as a false dichotomy. Or something.

Anyway, while you're out, make sure to watch out for roving gangs of pumpkins. I'll be catching up with the JREF forums. Been a while. Might practice some thread necromancy.


beepbeepitsme said...

I can imagine how someone can dress as a dic tator, but a false dichotomy has me stumped.

Michael Bains said...

Being a geek probably figures into that.

Don't feel too bad, BD. I did nothin' the other night either, but I'm more of - as Ryan pusillanimously pointed out on y'alls' sidebar - a dork.

Hhmmm... I wonder if I should actually post this . .


(Speakin' o' false dichotomies!)