Thursday, October 19, 2006

Not Good News

It's not quite the same as some other bad personal news out there, but Molly is terribly sick. My mother noticed that she was very lethargic today, and even refused to explore the house when given the chance. She took her to the vet, and she was very anemic. They gave her some iron injections, and she's still alive for the moment. If my mother hadn't intervened, Molly wouldn't be here, now. So, in the way-off chance that prayer or positive thinking will help, please focus your chakra into your keyboard. If it doesn't, at least your kind words will be appreciated, and we won't have wasted government money studying it. Just a few small amounts of time. (Please, no jokes relating to that slightly negative result from that one study.)

UPDATE: Seems Molly's started responding well to treatments. The vets think she'll make it out of this.

SUPER UPDATE: Molly's just fine, now. Blood parasite defeated by antibiotics.


Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

I feel for you man. I just had to put my dog through two rounds of surgery to remove a number of cancerous tumors. It was a rough couple of months. Hope Molly pulls through.

IAMB said...

That's rough dude, especially if you're like me and pets are family too. Went through a real bad one with my ex's dog last year when someone left some stuff out and the dog got into some cleaners and half a bottle of rubbing alcohol. We've got a real good emergency vet here, but by the time symptoms started her kidneys were already pretty much shut down and the only thing to do was give her a saline IV and see if she got better. When she stopped absorbing that we had to put her down. Not an easy thing to do at all.

Hope your cat makes it.

Anonymous said...

Poor kitty

Anonymous said...

Yeah, poor Molly. =( Get better, kitty!

Bob said...

Kafka and I will be pulling for her, so to speak.

Michael Bains said...

Good call by yer Ma. Pets are Definately family members in their own wonderful ways.

Hang in there.