Friday, October 20, 2006

Cue "Imperial March"

My brother recently did a preemptive strike against a Bible verse he thought would come up, since some people out there (not just the one we're dealing with now) consider the hypothesis, "the sun will rise tomorrow" is "conjecture" or "faith."

Anyway, I Googled, came across the Skeptics' Annotated Bible, and from there, a link to The Brick Testament. They covered the chapter, and it's getting hard to go through it without Darth Vader's theme music going through my head. Of course, the fact that they seem to be using Lego Star Wars pieces probably contributes.

Later: Oh. Their. God. Halfway through Genesis in the Brick Testament, and eyebrow-twitchy from the "She's my sister" game they seem to be fond of playing on all the kings.


Bob said...

Lego God looks angry!

Acute_Agnostia said...

You'd be angry too, if you could be taken apart by a one year old. Oh wait, that applies to another God, too.

Anonymous said...

Are you perhaps wondering if this may be a reason for the number of anti-semites? Yikes. Not a happy god. Though that's some high quality Lego work.