Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pointless, But Not Necessarily Mindless Fun

Just a few flash games I've been dinkering with:

Fracture: Asteroids made sweet, sweet love to Robotron. Fracture was the result.

flOw: Food is power! Heard they're making a more complete downloadable version for the PS3. I might not just wait for Armored Core 4 to get one. It's almost peaceful as you struggle not to get eaten yourself.

ComBots: Little tricky to learn, but here's the gist: Program a little cylindrical robot to pick up little yellow cubes and blow up other cylindrical robots. Sit back and watch with smug superiority as your minion crushes the competition. Or pull your hair out when you notice a fatal flaw in your program.

ultimate pie theft: Wee Bull takes on Weebl and friends. Pac-Man style!

Hope that Videlectrix releases Sundae Drivin' for my region, soon.


Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

Sort of on topic. I play a few computer based games here and there but ther eis one that has caught my attention for a while. It's been in production for a while but I think it will be fun when it comes out.

Have you heard of Spore?

I'm sure it will piss off a certain segment of our population.

Oh wait, they may be Citizens of Heaven.... So.... piss of a segment of their population.

Any way all jokes aside... it looks pretty cool.

Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

The wiki has some more info.

Bronze Dog said...

I know all about it, though indirectly.