Thursday, October 05, 2006

Gather 'round Now, Children...

Here's a little story I feel compelled to pass on, passed to me by an immigrant from Taiwan:

Over there, the local Hell has 18 levels (Eat that, Dante!). If you only did one really bad thing in your life, you went to the first level. There, it's about a hundred degrees or so. (Unfortunately, he didn't specify Celsius or Fahrenheit, and that makes a big difference.) Things get nastier as you go to the lower levels. So, anyway, a truly horrible criminal finds himself on the 18th level, where he endures unspeakable torments. He makes a commitment that when he reincarnates, he'll never do anything to get himself back into the 18th level. When his time is about up, he hears a faint scream... coming from below. There's a 19th level! As the guard is escorting him back to the earthly realm, he asks, "Who's that on the 19th level? What did he do to get there?"

The guard replies, "He was an incompetent teacher."

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