Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I've got a collection of half-remembered things, and I'm curious if you, dear readers, could help me remember more details.

1. Cartoon with a painter as a protagonist. He was tied up in a pit, surrounded by little mushroom people, and he repeatedly insisted that he was not a mushroom. Think they had one character featured who had a pun of a name, pronouncing "fungi" as "fun guy." All the mushrooms end up with fangs at one point, probably in an attempt to make the little guys creepy to children. Implied that he was going to end up as a mushroom if he didn't escape. I think it was around the mid-80s when I watched it, and I think the scene was just one small piece, rather than anything really central to the cartoon.

2. An odd, possibly false memory of a bit of dialog from an episode of The Jetsons: Judy had just been dropped off by her boyfriend, "Booster," and was busy pretty much swooning over him in her happy place, apparently interfering with traffic, and getting a lot of angry shouts, which inattentively replied to with "Yes, Booster." Eventually, she gets home, still in her happy place, and George comments at one point, "Booster? Is that some new kind of happy pill?" I recall him asking that rather nonchalantly, as if "happy pills" were commonplace in the 21st century. Creepy, huh?

3. Had another one, but I can't remember what else I half-remembered. I'll post it if it comes back.

So, any of that ring a bell, or am I on mushrooms?


beepbeepitsme said...

They don't ring a bell with me. But someone out there will know. I didn't watch enough TV to know or remember stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

(This is Mechalith, just can't sign in atm)

I'd lay pretty good odds the cartoon you refer to is the animated version of The Gammage Cup.

Don said...

You might check with The Onion AV Club. They have a feature called "Ask the AV Club" that exists to answer just such pop culture mysteries as these.

Anonymous said...

I think that you are thinking of "The elm chanted forest".

Bronze Dog said...

Thankies go to Anonny, there. I think Elm Chanted Forest might be in the lead. Wish I could find some screen shots, though. Google isn't liking me at the moment.