Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ouch! Sylvia Fails Spectacularly Again

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Sylvia once again gets the dead/alive thing wrong, and something far, far worse:
And notice: Amanda gestures off-camera twice to her husband in the studio audience. This means that the man who murdered Lynda McClelland was in the same room with Sylvia Browne, and yet her "psychic powers" didn't pick up on that fact when supposedly trying to figure out what had happened to the woman.


JackalMage said...

Thank you so much, BD. I've been convincing some coworkers that Sylvia Browne was a fake, and they are quite on my side now. This puts the nail in the coffin. The problem I'm still having is convincing them that it's worthwhile to convince others that Sylvia's a fraud; that she's actually harming others with what she does.

Crap like this is convincing.

Tom Foss said...

I'm going to predict the response from Sylvia's camp using Doggerel index numbers:

"61. 4, 13, 12, 22! 2! 25, 23. 48, 56. 50, 32, 42, 16.1."

Did I miss anything?

fee said...

I went to see sylvia about 6 years ago at one of her shows see has a team of her own ministers that all dress in light brown tunics, she was charging $5000 for a card reading back then and her son was charging $3000, I feel she was just an actress,which is to bad for the people that really can use there abilites

Bronze Dog said...

People such as?

And why haven't they beaten Randi's challenge, yet?