Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm Feeling Like a Scientist, Today

The above comic brought to you by xkcd, one of my more recent regular webcomics. If I weren't so obsessed with replication, I probably wouldn't bother whacking trolls with their logical fallacies. I know I'll get the same doggerel every time, but I'm always hoping that the next woo will be an exception, and that tomorrow I can start using replicated studies to boost my midochlorian count and begin practicing lifting some rocks while a little green guy rides piggyback.

Some of my favorite xkcd comics:

A commentary on The Secret (sort of)
On blogging
The mathematical description of what happens when Molly meets me after I return from work.
Something that's probably the more realistic view of a skeptic's life.
Why I'm not a doctor... aside from being squeamish.
James Bond has a bad physics experience.
You probably know this one.
I'm the stick figure in the beret.


Joshua said...

xkcd is <3

Bob said...

It's been Pharyngulized!

Clint Bourgeois said...

Yeah, I like PZ's addition.

I love that comic.

My favorite

Infophile said...

This one is pretty good too.

Randy Kirk said...

Great cartoon. You might be amazed to know that some of us Godditit types feel exactly the same about you. I'm just not sure if I have to pray for forgiveness about that.