Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Creation Museum Flintstones Theme Park Carnival

Given my usual readership, you've probably seen it already, but PZ hosted a bit of a carnival about Ken Ham's "Museum".

It's not a Skeptics' Circle, but seeing it's a carnival, the thread is open as usual, but pointing out the impracticality of using prehistoric, anthropomorphized animals as household appliances is FORBIDDEN!


Berlzebub said...

What about the flock(?) of velociraptors I use to keep away missionairies? Does that count?

Bronze Dog said...

Hmm... Not sure. I typically use a garden hose, and I'm not sure if lawn care tools count as 'appliances'.

Ryan Michael said...

I do happen to own a baby elephant vaccuum cleaner.

Don said...

Oh, that just reminded me of an old Weird Al song...Ah, memories.

Ryan Michael said...

To the tune of The Red Hot Chilli Pepper song Give it Away:

Barney Rubble laughin' like a hyena,

Barney Rubble, what a little weiner!

Where's Wilma, anybody seen her?

Got a baby elephant vaccuum cleaner!

The other one was

Got a pterodactyl for a windshield wiper!

Jeez, it's nice to know there's another Weird Al geek...

Anonymous said...

Yabba dabba, yabba dabba dabba do now
Yabba dabba, yabba dabba dabba do now
Yabba dabba, yabba dabba dabba do now
I get by on all my prehistoric knowhow

Makes you wonder what Frank's 2,000 inch TV would have looked like back then...