Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Some Fun I've Been Contemplating

My brother's going to be visiting this weekend, and he's got some video editing software that can do green screen. We had a phone conversation about trying to think up stuff to do with that when he makes extended holiday visits at the end of the year, but we need some ideas that can done with relatively little preparation.

One thing I contemplated for the Decemberween holiday involves tracking down and buying a very muppety-looking Jesus puppet I once saw online. I see nigh-infinite potential for blasphemous humor, possibly involving a point. I'm a bit camera shy, so I'd let normally inanimate objects do some stuff for me.

So, help us out with a little brainstorming.


The Rev. Jenner J. Hull said...

How about several different denominational versions of Jesus confronting themselves?

One Jesus would want to shoot Muslims, one Jesus would yell at us for killing babies, one Jesus would hit on all the chicks so as not to seem "gayish," one Jesus would preach "The End is Nigh," and one would kick back and say, "Meh; just don't be an ass."

In the end, there's a massive Jesus battle while one Jesus sits on the floor and reads a copy of "The Age of Reason."

And do it all as Kabuki.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Vs Cthulhu?

Clint Bourgeois said...

Commercial for Sugar Frosted Jesus?

Bronze Dog said...

The reverend there has a twisted mind. I love it.

One thing that brought it up was when my brother was going through Wayback, and found some Lego stop motion renditions of movies, namely 2001: A Space Odyssey. For some reason, the idea of muppet Jesus going through the trippy end sequence popped into my head. Maybe we could have him go through that after someone points out a biblical contradiction and reality collapses in on itself as a result.

Don said...

I'd vote for puppets and/or action figures acting out the testimonials from your newly-received Bible Faith Handkerchief. That would be pretty good.