Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We Got Ooooone!

Well, I got one of those things Akusai got. It's all there: The double-text envelope, the Time Cube-esque text, and the paper "hankey". Oh, and on the lower right, some Starburst wrappers of mine. They didn't come with the thing, they're just stacked according to my little obsessive-compulsive disorder that requires me to eat them in the order of strawberry, cherry, orange, and lemon every time. But I digress.

Anyway, I've got to consider who I'm going to be concerned about and who I love. Since I'm playing Atelier Iris after reading Akusai's other place, I'm a bit worried about Lita Blanchimont, at this particular moment, but I'll hold in the source of my concern for the sake of not spoiling the plot. Any other geek culture people I should be thinking about?


Don said...

So I take it you're enjoying Atelier Iris, then?

Glad to have been of service.

Bronze Dog said...

Yeah, and I love the humor in character interactions.

My favorite line, noteworthy for the abrupt shattering of the fourth wall: "But if we do that, the ESRB will be all over us!"

Current progress: On the giant chessboard, trying to figure out the puzzle. Currently giving my PS3/space heater a break after doing a lot of folding@home between game sessions.

Don said...

Oh, that damn puzzle. We ended up just hitting GameFAQs after a while because we got so sick of the random battles.

How goes the item creation at the various shops?

Don said...

You could be worried about Hiro Nakamura or Peter Petrelli, after what happened in the Heroes season finale.

Or you could be worried about Spider-Man. That black suit just makes him so mean.

Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

I got one of those things about a year ago. I ripped it up and sent it back with a note to remove me from their mailing list.

Childish? Yes. But it made me feel good.

Bing said...

Yay! Who'd uv thunk it? The Holy Spirit owns a paper napkin factory in Oklahoma.

And time-cube. Wow, there's something I haven't thought of in a while.


Jake said...

How come you got one? I never get these sorts of things. The best I find is random focus on the family pamphlets in the changeroom at the gym. No fair.

Bob said...

Now I'm jealous. I want a hankey, too!

Anonymous said...

It's Nathan Petrelli I'm worried about. Peter can handle himself, and so can Hiro. I'd also be worried about 'People Who Try to Dick with Micah' (go Nikki!).

Black Suit Spidey isn't mean so much as emo. Still, it's a cause for great concern.

...Yes, emo killed my ska band. Why do you ask?