Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sorry For the Inconvenience

Comment moderation is back up, but it's not the usual suspect. This time it's a chameleon troll Ryan has dubbed 'Wetspot'. He's not all that different from said usual suspect, though, and may have added a twist: In a series of posts where he endlessly repeats a rather generic and unoriginal insult, Firefox has notified me that there was some unending script. In case he's inserted some kind of copy/paste script hack or whatever, I'm making sure those repetitive posts don't get displayed, for the sake of your browser. Plus it's just an annoying waste of time intended to stifle discussion, not that he was into any in the first place.

So, expect delays. Sorry.


Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

Ahh yes. School kid unimaginaive insults and a script kiddie.

It all makes sense.

Tom Foss said...

See, trolls like that aren't really any fun. They're so...interchangeable. We really had a good thing going for awhile, what with a troll who was unique. Wetspot could be trolling any blog on any subject; at least Cocksnack stayed in the general realm of the mission statement of the site.