Friday, July 06, 2007

64th Skeptics' Circle

The Skeptical Alchemist hacked it up to the New Truth University.

Open thread as usual, but since I don't want whiny, cynical, basement-dwelling, tin-foil hatted trolls who can't figure out why hushaboom is even more absurd than orbital R9 wave cannons in this thread, making fun of twoofers is FORBIDDEN!

So is failing to wish me a happy B.


Bob said...

Happy Birthday!

No word yet on the green death ray, but I'll let you know. Maybe they can gift wrap it...

Don said...

Happy birthday, and twoofers suck!

King Aardvark said...

Happy anniversary of the day your mom squeezed you out, Bronze Dog.

I thought you liked having basement-dwelling trolls around. They're fun to pick on and tear apart, as the case may be. Anyway, if basement-dwelling trolls are a problem, perhaps a troll who lives above his parent's garage would be better for you?

Infophile said...

Happy Birthday! And no, this isn't belated, I simply define the year differently than you. However, since I don't know your age in years (at least, your years), I can't estimate correctly how much I should err, so this might be a bit premature.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from me and Kate, Dog!

Kisses, and a special peek above our garters. A twofer that sucks (and swallows for the right guy).