Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cocksnack's Back! (Maybe)

Rejoice in his breathtaking inanity!

Well, not entirely sure, but it's a Las Vegas addy and the first three of four numbers match. (Fourth not given by Sitemeter)

I thought I recognized his epistemological nihilism, but I ended up giving him a new nickname when he committed an absurd argumentum ad populum, claiming that atheism was a religion because *gasp* popular magazines said so!

That new nickname: "American Idolater" because his facts change based on some fashionable Teen Scream Magazine declaring what's popular.

Or at least that's what's fun to imagine him as. What else do you expect when the fickle masses are the base of his logic, rather than anything solid and objective. Probably not far off if he thinks reality bends over to whoever sends in the most text messages.

Wonder what that does for his deity's prayer-answering mechanism. Is he a mindless, amoral vote tallying machine?

If it's not him, ah well, doesn't say much if any mindless cookie-cutter woo can fill his place.

Anyway, places that he's shown up:

So, Does This Make It Official?
Doggerel #111: "Something More"
Doggerel #109: "Controversy"

And just in case he shows up to make an immature stop by here, I'll let him do the maximum damage to himself by not restricting anything in this thread short of attempts at computer hacking.

This thread is hereby WILD!


Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

Yay! More troll roasting. The few at my place are amazingly dense so maybe we'll have something a little more challenging?


Berlzebub said...

It's no fun roasting trolls who spit themselves, and even throw themselves into the fire.

It does seem that RBDC's and yours has similar grammar skills, BD.

Anonymous said...

Who's cocksnack, your mom?

Anonymous said...

Yeah I forgot, everyone in the world is stupid and a few losers think that they are smarter than everyone.

It must be so frustrating to not be able to convince anyone except themselves.

Who knows, maybe in another 50 years they will grow to 2.2%.


Bronze Dog said...

Hey, given the similarity of IP addresses, there's a fair chance he's you.

If he's not you, you're very much like him, and that is NOT a compliment. Cocksnack was an epistemological nihilist who believed truth was relative to things like laziness and popularity.

Noticed you've gone to another Nevada addy while continuing the same threads of posting homoerotic fantasies from your previous posts.

Don said...

Yeah I forgot, everyone in the world is stupid and a few losers think that they are smarter than everyone.

Translation: Don' make funna me just cuz I'ms da slow one! You isn't smarter, loser! Ain't nobody smarter than anyone else! My gramma say I'm speshull!

Bronze Dog said...

Yeah, I love the Teen Scream Magazine logic. Popularity = Value.

Therefore, under Cocksnack's relativistic logic, Paris Hilton must be talented, moral, and smart.

Of course, in objective reality, she's a dumb, criminal ditz. No amount of polls is going to change that, Cocksnack.

Bronze Dog said...

I can just imagine Cocksnack right now. After he goes through his inevitable killing/raping spree and the evidence comes in against him, despite the crowd of moral relativists bearing crosses demanding his release from outside the courthouse, he'll look at the calm juror who reads the guilty verdict and he retorts, "You're not popular!"

And the courtroom will laugh and laugh and laugh.

Tom Foss said...

Hey, give the guy a break. His mom named him Yamil. Of course he has popularity issues.

Infophile said...

I made this argument against arguments of popularity in a pseudodebate a while back, and I think I'll just repost it here (Cocksnack notoriously doesn't understand hyperlinks, though if you do understand them, it's worth reading the whole thing):

Black: So the person making the outrageous claim should be the one to prove it? Interesting. Well, didn't I already show that my outrageous claim was more reasonable than your outrageous claim? Why don't you start by proving that?

White: It's believed by billions of people worldwide, while your claim probably isn't even believed by you! Isn't that enough?

Black: So if I go around and convince billions of people of my claim, reality will suddenly change and it will become true? Try again.

White: Well, we have a book written by our God as evidence that he created the universe.

Black: I could write a book saying I created the universe. I could even make sure it doesn't contradict itself and makes a lot more sense.

White: Well our book was written two thousand years ago, it wasn't something written in the past few days!

Black: So if I wait two thousand years after writing my book, that will also cause reality to change and make it true?

White: No, because you didn't create the universe!

Black: A claim which you still have yet to prove.

Anonymous said...

The 2% have been losers, are losers, and if history is any lesson, they will always be losers.

Get over it freaks.

Bronze Dog said...

Guess Cocksnack's streak for meaningless arguments goes unbroken.

Which definition of "losers" are you using? Is it "unpopular"? You know there's more to life than popularity, right?

Anonymous said...

Whatever defintion you choose to use. I am sure they all apply. I think the one that means faggot is the most suiting for you.

Tom Foss said...

You're really grasping at straws these days, aren't you, Yamil? I mean, you don't even try to make an argument anymore, you just call names like a third-grader. You are truly a prince among men.

Incidentally, the only people I've ever seen throw about the word "faggot" that much are the people who secretly fear that they are one. Spending some time in the closet, are we, Mr. Luciano?

Bronze Dog said...

He's the one posting homoerotic fantasies, Tom.

Bronze Dog said...

Some atheist winners that comes to mind, by the way: Bill & Melinda Gates. Bill's the owner of a giant corporation. He achieved that position with foresight and guile, rather than inheritance. He's used his wealth to donate billions of dollars to found an organization to help the poor.

The largest transparently operated charity in the world was founded by an atheist and expanded to its current size by an agnostic by the name of Warren Buffet.