Friday, July 20, 2007

The *NEW* Adventures of Pointless Fun

Well, it's been a good few decades, and some edgy execs want to bring back Pointless Fun in all-new adventures. They've decided the original was too dark for today's hip young generations, so no one will ever die, there'll be a bunch of pointless MacGuffins, and a cute animal sidekick.

Where's an Egg?: Since evolution by genetic heritability and natural selection has been ditched in favor of the nigh-supernatural hypothesis of Lysenkoism because evolution is hostile to dialectical materialism and Lysenkoism is flattering to it, Soviet agriculture has collapsed. You play a detective with an egg on his mind. The last egg in Soviet Russia is depending on you!

Psychopath: The spinny black box desperately needs to meet up with the shifting white block! But their love is forbidden and bad guys put all sorts of obstacles in your way, but they always leave a solution solvable within a certain number of steps. I have no idea what neuroses have to do with this, though.

Orb: No relation to any previous games I mentioned with similar names! Secret collect!

Phighter: Help this Greek letter defeat space zombies!

Live Action Role Playing meets... Tetris:

Tetris blocks struggle to fit in in the real world:

Homer has mad skillz... almost:

You know, I think that Gameboy has something against him...

Everyone knows ninjas love Tetris:

Heck, everyone loves Tetris, period:

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