Friday, July 27, 2007

Everyone's Entitled to an Occasional Moment of Stupidity, Right?

Got one of those "take a tour for a free vacation" thing. Waiting for the email so I can cancel. The temptation to be able to get free air fare and hotel for the next The Amazing! Meeting clouded my generally better judgment.

I'm gonna call it off before it ends up like one of those time share things on South Park when I'll find out the aggressive sales pitch goes all the way up to the president.

Commence making fun of me.

At least no physical injury came of it.

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JackalMage said...

I've had fun with some of these things. Frex, I subjected myself to an aggressive pitch for cooking-ware once. I canceled the order the next morning, but I got free wine glasses out of the deal!

What's more, since we happened to be the last in the room to do the ordering thing, they just gave us the box with the glasses in them. There was only supposed to be two, but instead we got six! Woo!