Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Funny Searches: July 2007

Didn't follow a lot of June, so let's see how July goes.

Keep posting I like ur blogs: Just try to sound sincere and don't include some link to herbal pills to boost your chi.

WHERE DO POWER COME FROM: It comes from the fact that you've got the touch. You've got the power. The power to turn off your caps lock.

scam candle stomach psychic: And I thought those ear candles sounded potentially dangerous. What does the psychic do? Palm it inside and then extract it with some chicken guts?

9/11 CTs are retarded: And how!

autism and astrology which planet causes autism: Yeah, they went there: They used yet another overly broad definition of "mercury"

the pseudoscience of irreducible complexity: You can't prove it when it shows up, and even if you could, so what?

how to make a bomb: Here's some examples you can follow.

pendulum odd crazy shit weird: People are so easily surprised by the mundane.

people rolled in newspaper fetish: Whatever floats your boat is okay by me as long as you don't hit me with them.

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