Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Building Up Steam, Maybe

Skeptiplomacy is starting to move, again. I'm fixing up Brendan's map, Bourgeois Rage is dinkering with a bit of code, and Joshua has provided a Skeptiplomacy forum, so start signing up. Be sure to bookmark it, because from now on, I'll be focusing the bulk of Skeptiplomacy stuff over there.

Current sections of the forum: Setup (general and software sections), In-Character (The News Reel & The War Room), Other Games (New Concepts & Existing Games), and General Skepticism. Don't be afraid to start new threads, because I don't want to just talk to myself over there.

Apologies for the current spurt of trouble with the forum. Let's hope it's not a regular thing.


Joshua said...

I've been seeing some periodic outages on my site, so if you're not getting into the forum don't freak out. Dreamhost has been doing some maintenance -- I didn't expect to be affected, but you know how this stuff goes. They're usually pretty reliable, so this should only be temporary.

Clint Bourgeois said...

I thought you banned me!

xiangtao said...

Alright! I'm back in time!